“Doug, I just wanted to let you know the benches have arrived safely and we have assembled them. They are great. I have never had an order of this size come in and had so few problems. Everything on the packing list was sent and assembly was a breeze. After sorting the pallets and getting them started, I even left my teenage labor alone to finish the job. If you have ever had seventeen year old boys try to focus on a project, you know exactly what I am talking about. I had dreaded the assembly process and had even put it off for days. I can’t get over how simple the process was. If they sell plants as well as the go together, we will be doing a lot of business together in the future. I will send some photos of the finished set up. Thanks again, Hudgins Garden & Nursery, Inc.”

– Sid Ragsdale (Hudgins Garden & Nursery, Inc.)

“…Several customers told us that our poinsettias were outstanding this year. I have done nothing different with the crop from previous years. The new benches provided a richer look to my product than plastic could have.”

– Blais Flowers & Garden Center (florist and greenhouse in Lewiston, Maine)

“In the spring of 2005, we invested over $10,000 rebenching our entire perennial area. Our investment was made based on a 3-4 year payback. Our perennial sales doubled in the first season giving us a one-year payback on our investment. Based on these results we are purchasing even more benching and arbors to redo our annual area in 2006.”

– Bruce Martin, Bru-Mar Gardens (Annapolis Md.)

“Doug, I wanted to thank you for delivering our display racks, as promised, at the beginning of March. It has been a tremendous help in our effort to be ready for spring. You and your team did an outstanding job of delighting , us, your customer. Now, with the help of your thoughtful products we look forward to passing on the experience to our customers. Thanks again, Happy Spring.

– Gardener’s Supply (Burlington, Vermont)

“We are pleased with the strength and functionality of our new wooden benches from Bench Systems, LLC. The versatility for layout and design options make store planning much easier. We expect the longevity of these benches to help save us money on displays over the long run.”

– Johnson’s Flower Garden Center (multiple store florists & garden centers in Maryland and Washington DC area)

“We are excited to find a wooden bench system that is easy to set up and has the quality of workmanship that will enhance our products. Cinder blocks and pallets are gone! We expect our new Lexan greenhouse and this benching system to increase sales and improve our bottom line.”

– Scovill’s Garden Center (landscaper and retailer in Hartford, Connecticut area)