Ordering Process

The following information is intended as a guide for you on our ordering process, shipping practices, and the safe handling of our wholesale wooden barrels and benching upon arrival at your facility.

Ordering & Rates

To quote you a delivered cost we need to know your zip code, and how many of each item you wish to purchase. Once we have that, we can calculate the cost and give you a final price for your order. It is impossible for us to estimate until we know that information. For example, we have delivered full truckloads to the West Coast for less than 6% of the value as freight cost, whereas a single bench going the same distance could cost 25% of the value of the product.


Once a shipment leaves our facility, we notify you by fax that the shipment has been made. The fax will give you the information necessary to trace the shipment or to contact the trucking company for delivery information. All truck shipments are tracked by the PRO NUMBER.

Shipping & Handling

Our benches ship flat (the legs are in pairs stacked separately) on large pallets. The benches are 5.5” deep. We can stack up to 12 benches per pallet with the legs on top. Pallets are stretch wrapped. Corner protectors and strapping are used when applicable. With the extra supports, we placed in our benching last year shipping damage has been reduced to a minimum.

For orders under $15,000, we ship via common carrier. We are using Land Air Express (1-800-639-3095) for New England. For the rest of the USA and Canada, we use FedEx National and FedEx Freight (1-800-274-9099) or ABF Freight System (1-800-610-5544). For larger orders, we use truckload haulers. Delivery is faster and the load is not handled at terminals where it can be damaged. For west coast deliveries, we use intermodal services. Rail takes a few days longer but the cost can be up to 50% less.


Smaller pallets can be unloaded by hand or with a forklift. Larger 8-foot pallets will require special equipment to be unloaded from trucks. If you do not have long forks (6-foot) for your forklift you will need to place a 5-8ft. piece of 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 lumber on top of your forks as they go into the long pallet. This fills the space between the two pallet layers and prevents the long pallet from tipping as it is removed from the back of the trailer. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNLOAD WITHOUT FOLLOWING THIS PROCEDURE. Be prepared to unload by hand if you do not have the proper equipment. Two people can handle a bench with ease.

Extra Charges

Trucking companies have extra charges for all types of special services such as residential delivery, inside delivery, COD, appointment scheduling, lift gate deliveries etc., If these services are required we will be glad to arrange them at your cost.


Each shipment should be inspected for damage at the time it is received. If damage to the goods is found please sign for damage on the delivery slip going to the trucker and notify us immediately. Call us at 1-888-881-3081 to report all damage issues. A physical accounting of the damage or shortage can be done later and fully reported to us. If you do not advise the driver at the time of delivery neither they nor our company has any records to go by and the damage claims will remain unsettled.

Have any additional questions about our ordering process for wholesale wooden barrels, crates, and other products? Contact us at Maine Bucket today.