539B1 – 5′ Wide Island Displays

Our 2Tset combo of a 3′ octagonal with 17″ legs on top of a 5′ octagonal with 23″ legs is one of our best selling highlighters. Primarily used to feature gift type items in high traffic areas, it is a very effective merchandiser for plants, pottery, and gifts.

Available with caster as shown.

Add a hanging basket display and increase the value of merchandise displayed in a limited area. Four baskets may not seem like a lot, but if they are a higher value and in a high traffic area, you will increase turns, sales, and profits. Multiply that by several similar locations and you get real increased value in the same space. Thanks for the idea from The Garden Gate in New Orleans.

Octagonals can be stacked many ways. Here, three five (5) foot octagonals are stacked to gain more square footage of display space. You have the same width but it is longer. This works very well for 6″ pots of 1-gallon containers color blocked.

This pyramid of 3′, 4′, and 5′ octagonal is strictly a showy attention grabber. Displays seasonal color effectively. Very showy but limited in capacity. As shown, the shelf levels are 12″, 36″ and 54″ high. Available with bench slippers and casters.


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