10 Ways to Use Wooden Display Crates for Rustic Wedding Venues

wooden display crates for rustic wedding venue

Wooden display crates are so versatile, there really isn’t anything you can’t do with them, but there is just something about the rustic feel they bring to weddings that is unmatchable. They are easy to style, resilient against weather, and require no effort to break down once the event is over, making them ideal for wedding venues.

If you’re helping plan a rustic, cozy wedding or are looking to decorate a wedding venue, keep reading for our favorite creative ways to use beautiful wood display crates for weddings.

1. Centerpieces (with Flowers!)

Whether a couple is going with fresh greenery or bold bouquets, when styled in a wooden crate these table centerpieces are going to be overflowing with charm. Their rough-and-tumble appeal combined with sweet blooms makes for a huge impact without a lot of work.

2. Stacked Photo Display

Wooden crates often evoke the feeling of warmth, comfort, and home, so there is no better way to showcase a couple’s most precious photos than with this rustic backdrop. Stack a couple of crates together with framed or strung-up photos for guests to view as they enter the venue.

3. Decorative Entrance

There are endless ways to style wooden crates as wedding entrance decor. Stack several crates to hold a sign pointing guests in the right direction, or place along the path to seating with candles and flowers placed on top. There are so many options, it’s easy to get creative with them!

4. Wedding Bar

Stacking wooden crates with the bottom side facing front will serve as a quick and easy DIY bar! Simply use a piece of refurbished wood as a tabletop and decorate. The bartender can use the inside of the crates as storage for glasses, bottles, straws, and whatever else might be needed for the couple’s signature cocktail. Crates can also be turned upside down to serve as a stand for big jugs of iced tea, water or lemonade.

5. Ceremony Program Holders

Wooden crates are meant for storage, so why not use them for their intended functionality? Use them to house wedding favors or ceremony programs in an easy-to-find place for guests as they enter.

6. Blanket Baskets

To prepare for a chilly evening and ensure guests are comfortable, place rolled-up blankets in wooden crates for people to grab as they need for the ceremony or reception. Let the coziness commence!

7. Serving Trayswooden display crates for dessert display

If the wedding is catered, a simple way to add a rustic touch is by having servers walk around with halved wooden crates in place of metal trays. This works beautifully for passed appetizers, champagne flutes, or even desserts.

8. Storage Lockers

This takes a bit of elbow grease, but the outcome is well worth the DIY. Stacked crates with small doors hinged on the front make for beautiful storage lockers so guests can put their belongings away while they enjoy the wedding reception. For an added bonus, add vintage numbers to the front and give guests a handmade tag with their number on it so they don’t forget which locker they used!

9. Vintage Dessert Display

Put together a few wooden crates to make reception desserts the star of the show! Crates can help add height to spotlight a delicious wedding cake, cupcakes, or whatever dessert is being offered to satisfy guests’ sweet tooths.

10. Table Seating Chart

Wooden display crates turned on their side make for a beautiful “lightbox” style backdrop. String up table numbers with the names of guests so they can easily see where they are assigned to sit. For added warmth, include framed photos, candles, flowers, or other decorative touches.

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