How to Design Wooden End Cap Displays

Effective Use of End Cap

End cap displays are a point-of-purchase display that is placed at the end of an aisle, which makes them ideal real estate for visual shoppers. Not only are they perfect for last-minute purchases, they tend to also set the tone for the aisle they’re attached to.

Wooden end cap displays are a level up from your standard display, with a unique look and feel. Wood’s texture helps your product stand out among the rest, giving off an air of comfort and familiarity that encourages shoppers to look a little closer at the product on display. Below, we’ve put together some tips to help you design your end cap display for better visibility to encourage purchases.

Advantages of Wooden End Cap Displays

To put it frankly, wooden displays enhance your product and make it look its best! Wood has a charm that elevates a shopper’s experience and makes it that much more enjoyable by pleasing the senses. Using wooden end cap displays in a retail space provides many benefits:

Increased Visibility – As people walk through a retail space, end caps are the most visible space, either popping up in their peripheral vision or directly in front of them. This helps products sell better by being presented clearly to the customer!

Boost Sales – Putting items on an end cap, because of the visibility mentioned above, encourages impulse buying. Typically, customers will grab an item off an end cap without necessarily evaluating what else is in the aisle.

Build Your Brand – Using consistent end caps in the same material – in this case, wood – gives customers a cohesive brand experience. This makes an eye-catching backdrop for your focal products. Even if a purchase isn’t made at the time, it will stick in a person’s memory, building up your brand image.

How to Design Your Wooden End Cap Display

Be Intentional About Product Placement

Display your products so that customers are more likely to see them and, ultimately, make a purchase. Place items at eye level and utilize the lower section of your display for additional product storage to make restocking easier. Have a variety of products on your end cap display? A good rule of thumb is to place the largest items at the top and smallest products closer to the bottom.

Start Small and Build Up

End cap displays give you an opportunity to debut products on a smaller scale to see how they perform. Focus on one particular brand per end cap – this way, you can measure sales data to determine if promotional efforts are working and if you should continue to invest.

Use Retail Signage

Ensure your end cap is as bold and eye-catching as possible while still staying aligned with your brand and the feel of your retail space. Place product signage in two places on your end cap: at the front top and on either side. This placement makes it easy for shoppers to see what it is you’re selling, regardless of the angle they are approaching from.

Customize Your End Cap

You know your brand, retail space and customers best! Make the most of this intel by investing in a custom point-of-purchase display that caters to your needs exactly.

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