Choosing the Best Wood Products Manufacturers

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Custom point-of-purchase displays can truly make or break the experience a customer has when shopping at your retail business. These displays are undoubtedly worth the investment. That said, because you’re investing, you want to ensure that the finished product is exactly what you need, which can make choosing the right wood products manufacturers can be a daunting process.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best manufacturer for your custom POP display needs, and the Maine Bucket Company has pulled together what we believe to be the most valuable.

One-Stop Shopping

First and foremost, you want to find a manufacturer that is able to handle all facets of your order from start to finish. Having to outsource to several manufacturers can be costly in the way of both money and precious time, not to mention confusing. It’s not entirely common for wholesale or custom manufacturers to provide all the services needed for an order, so it’s important that you educate yourself about the companies you’re considering.

At Maine Bucket, we offer a vast array of services, including:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Blind drop shipping
  • Custom shipping cartons
  • Specialized labeling
  • PMS color matching
  • Stenciling and hot branding logos

Experience in the Retail Industry

It’s almost always a given – the longer a company or manufacturer exists within an industry, the more likely it is that they have finessed their product, approach, and services.
Garden Display | Wood Products Manufacturers

Display manufacturers are in an interesting position because retail industries that need POP displays could include anything from liquor stores to garden centers, which makes keeping up with the latest trends and goings-on in these industries very important.

Some of the unique industries we serve:

  • Lawn & Garden
  • Home Decor
  • Pet Accessories
  • Wine & Spirits

Since 1982, the team at Maine Bucket Company has been manufacturing wooden point-of-purchase displays for a huge variety of industries as they customers their way through stores and wait in line at check-out. As we continue to learn and adapt to changing industries, we are constantly improving by expanding our product line and continuing to make our customers happy!

Product Quality & Integrity

A manufacturer that’s been in business for a long period of time represents a high level of commitment and quality within the custom POP display industry. There’s an insurmountable amount of knowledge that comes with long-term experience. It’s especially important to consider how companies that have thrived in an industry have been able to flex and adjust to changing times.

Maine Bucket Company first began with stock wood products, but as we’ve grown over the last 30 years, we have evolved even further into a fully customizable manufacturer. We may have updated our approach, but we haven’t changed our quality products or our commitment to you.

Product Design Expertise

Many manufacturers don’t offer any custom design services, which can be an easy decision-maker for clients who need designs drawn up and implemented. When custom designs are handled by manufacturers in-house, it increases the chances that your finished product expectations will be met.

Depending on the level of customization required, Maine Bucket Company asks that you fill out a MOQ relative to the details you need for your project so that we can work with you more fluidly to create your POP display.

Contact Our Wood Products Manufacturers

At the Maine Bucket Company, we take immense pride in our wood craftsmanship. Each and every one of our products are constructed from high-quality pine or cedar for long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal.

Reach out to our experienced team to request a quote for your custom POP display today!