Wooden Display Crates Wholesale Buyers Guide

Simple Crate Displays

Retailers across industries are constantly looking to improve the way their merchandise is showcased. Studies show that shoppers who are faced with clutter have challenges making purchases and instead seek an immediate exit, which is the opposite effect retail spaces should have. Below, we’ve put together a guide to buying wooden display crates wholesale to improve your retail space.

Why Wooden Display Crates?

Enhance Products

To put it simply, the beauty and simplicity of wooden displays help enhance any product to capture the attention of shoppers. The smell, look and feel of wood such as pine or cedar brings a certain nostalgia to customers and can help to create a more relaxed, comfortable shopping experience.

Maximize Space

If you have a large retail space, wooden crates can be built up to take up as much room as you need. Additionally, they work just as well for small areas and can be stacked or grouped to create the illusion of more space.

Engaging Impulse Buyers

Nothing is worse than seeing an annoyed or restless customer waiting in line to check out. Wooden displays are the perfect way to engage these customers when filled with sale products or promotional items. By strategically placing these displays near check-out, you can assure customers will be entertained and may even end up with an impulse purchase.


Wooden displays are easy to move, stack and rearrange for a quick update in your space. Crates can be used for a multitude of displays, such as product shelving, bulk bins, or in the check-out line. This versatility makes wooden display crates highly cost-effective, as well.


Wooden display crates come in a variety of types of wood and in several different stains. You can even order wooden displays that have custom branding, screen printing or stenciling to further enhance your retail space.

How to Order Wooden Display Crates

Order Pricing

Cost will depend on how many of each item you wish to purchase, in addition to your zip code for shipping. This is essential for us to give you an accurate estimate, so we must have this information prior to determining the final price of your order.

Shipping & Handling

After a shipment departs our facility, you will receive a fax confirmation with the relevant information needed to track the shipment. All of our truck shipments are tracked by PRO NUMBER.

For orders that total less than $15,000, we ship via common carriers. We use Land Air Express for New England and FedEx National/FedEx Freight or ABF Freight System for the rest of North America. On larger order shipments, we use truckload haulers to increase delivery speed and less risk of damage. Orders delivered to the West Coast are typically by intermodal services.

Trucking companies will charge extra for special services, including but not limited to appointment scheduling, residential or inside delivery, and lift gate deliveries. If you need any of these special delivery services, we can arrange them for you and work the cost into your shipping payment.

Unloading Orders

Smaller orders can typically be unloaded with a forklift or even by hand, though larger pallets will require special equipment to remove products from the truck. Individual products are not heavy and can usually be easily lifted by two people.

Product Damage

Although we take steps to ensure your product doesn’t arrive damaged, accidents can sometimes occur in transit. Upon delivery, check your shipment thoroughly to inspect for damage. If there are any signs of damage, please advise the trucker, make note of this on the delivery slip and notify us immediately.

Contact Maine Bucket Company

At the Maine Bucket Company, all our products are built from high-quality pine and cedar for beauty and long-lasting performance. We began as a small craft business and have grown over thirty years to become what we are today: a renowned wholesale wood manufacturer, creating quality goods to meet your unique retail needs. With our variety of wooden display crates wholesale purchasing has never been easier. To request a product quote, please click here.