Why Buy? 5 Benefits of Reliable Wood Product Displays

Molbaks Garden Center in Seattle, WA

Displays are a crucial factor in any sales process, the goal being to capture the attention of buyers with a beautiful, eye-catching setup. There is truly no better way to do so than with the look and feel of natural wood. Creating a spectacular display is a matter of education, wood straight from the source, and high-precision craftsmanship. The benefits of handcrafted reliable wood products are extensive – but why buy wood product displays?

Qualities of Wood Display Products

There are so many incredible qualities of handcrafted wood products, it can be hard to just focus on one. Some of the benefits include:

  • Versatile, easy to work with material
  • Durable yet solid
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Natural and renewable
  • Easy to upkeep
  • Endless customization options

Wood is a classic material that has withstood the test of time over generations. For a timeless investment, handcrafted wood is your answer.

1. Help Your Product Look Its Best

Wooden displays, quite simply, bring an unmatched beauty that only all-natural wood can provide. The color, texture and feel of wood help any product look outstanding. It’s neutral enough to not steal the spotlight from your product, but the quality of your display can be seen (and felt) instantly.

2. Ignite a Feeling of Comfort

Did you know that wood has been scientifically proven to generate positive psychological and physiological effects in humans? Perhaps it’s due to the fact that wood has been used for centuries, but nonetheless, people respond deeply to the smell, touch, and look of natural wood. Utilizing wood in your displays helps to create a relaxed, nostalgic environment that makes your customer’s shopping experience that much more enjoyable.

3. Offer Charm and Warmth

display crate | reliable wood products

Wood is inviting, drawing in your customers with a feeling of coziness which differentiates it from the generic metal plastic point of purchase displays many stores often use, especially in a society of mass-produced products. There is a certain feeling to handmade wood displays that enhances not only the buyer’s experience (and sales!) but the feel and look of your store. With its natural, refreshing simplicity, wood offers what other materials can not – genuine warmth.

4. Invigorate Impulse Buys

The true purpose of point-of-purchase displays is to encourage your customers to buy your products. As customers move through a line, be it long or short, there is no better time to grab their attention with a well-placed wooden display to invigorate those last-minute item grabs. Especially if there is waiting involved, a few well-thought-out displays will occupy shoppers long enough to diffuse any impatience or frustration, and can even encourage them to buy items they hadn’t previously thought of.

5. Differentiate Your Store’s Displays

This is possibly our favorite reason to work with real, quality wood. Make your store stand out from the masses of metal racks and plastic displays. Regardless of what you are selling, the unique, smooth finish of wood adds a backdrop of elegance to any product. No material can match a finished wood product.

The Maine Bucket Company offers a huge variety of both stock and custom wooden point-of-purchase displays and products to choose from. For whatever your need may be, we have beautiful reliable wood products that fit the bill. For any questions about our wood products, contact our experienced team today.