4 Benefits of Wooden Point of Purchase Displays

Indoor Outdoor Display | Advantages of Point of Purchase Wooden Displays

Point of purchase wooden floor displays are marketing tools guaranteed to have your product stand out from the competition, offering an added advantage of being aesthetically appealing and eye-catching. Strategically placed in high trafficked areas on the sales floor, featured in aisles near similar merchandise or products, or placed near the checkout area, visually attractive wooden displays will capture the attention of consumers ready to purchase. Continue reading about the advantages of point of purchase displays below!

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important part of the marketing strategy of floor displays. Store shelves are stocked full of products which can easily overwhelm consumers. Point of purchase displays play a vital role in drawing attention to specific merchandise. They can be utilized to promote products on sale, promote new or updated products and designs, and provide detailed information about products; all the while standing out from shelves crammed with competitor products.

2. Encourage Impulse Purchases

Point of purchase floor displays also boost impulse buying by consumers. Most shoppers enter a store with a purpose – they have a purchasing plan in mind. Having products stand out in attractive wood displays gives pause, encourages deviation from the plan, and leads to unintended purchases by consumers. An impulse buy is a last-minute purchase, often the result of a well-executed display, which wooden displays offer.

3. Beautiful, Unique Aesthetic

Floor displays are those freestanding units found in along aisles in retail stores. The displays are designed to offer some type of visual appeal with striking graphics, customized art or product branding, and structural creativity. In the past, retailers used displays made of plastic, metal, or heavy corrugation to promote brands and target marketing goals.

In today’s marketplace, more retailers are opting for wooden floor displays because they offer a ‘natural’ aesthetic that captures their customer’s attention while shopping. Wooden displays reinforce consumer awareness and desire that has long been moving to and emphasizing ‘natural’ products—organic, non-GMO, handmade, environmentally friendly type products. Point of purchase displays made of pine or cedar are a unique way to promote products. Wood makes for distinctive, captivating displays. For added appeal, increase sales, and product interest, brand company logos or stencil product information on the wood.

4. Stand Out with Customized Point of Purchase Displays

Maine Bucket offers many wooden floor display options for retailers to choose from. A wide selection of mobile or stationary bulk bins, custom shelving, wine racks, arbor displays, custom wooden barrels, even novelty wooden displays are offered or can be customized to meet your product needs. Creative displays of pine and cedar are a sure way to increase sales and interest in your product.

Wooden floor displays offer creative presentation options to promote products. Maine Bucket can create custom point of purchase displays for companies and businesses ranging from Wine & Spirits, Food & Beverage, to Department Store chains, Lawn & Garden industries and more.

Want to learn more about the advantages of point of purchase displays or inquire about our wooden display products? Contact us at Maine Bucket Company today!