Alcohol Industry Sales: Advantages of Wood Point of Purchase Displays


Wood point of purchase displays have long played a substantial role in consumer influence when making purchasing decisions, but that is especially true within the alcohol industry.

While not too different from other industries that require in-store purchasing decisions, the main differentiator is how often promotional materials need to be changed. The beer, wine and spirits industry requires near-constant creative updates to draw attention to merchandise that are similar in nature. There are numerous other advantages of using unique POP displays for alcohol retailers – let’s dig in.

Why is Point of Purchase Important?

Point of purchase displays allow particular products to stand out from the rest of the store’s merchandise, attracting potential customers and often resulting in increased sales. In an industry that is promotionally-driven, eye-catching designs are crucial in successful retail sales. POP displays allow vendors to have some skin in the game when it comes to how many customers are purchasing their products.

Point of Purchase Displays in the Alcohol Industry

A recent study by IRI shows that 40% of consumers in the U.S. that buy adult beverages haven’t decided what they’re going to purchase when they walk into a store. Of the remaining 60% who have decided, 21% will end up ultimately changing their minds once they enter the store.

If you’ve been into a liquor store recently, this data shouldn’t surprise you. There are hundreds of options to choose from, with new products being debuted regularly. Because of this intense competition and wide range of choices, the goal for companies in the adult beverage industry is to encourage consumers to try their product. Additionally, consumers of adult beverages make alcohol purchases just over once a week on average, making it imperative to keep displays fresh. These factors help explain why POP displays are so crucial in this promotionally-driven industry.

Advantages of Wood Point of Purchase Displays

There are numerous benefits of utilizing wooden point of purchase displays within the alcoholic beverage industry. Just a few include the following:

Increase Retail Space

As alcoholic products continue to increase, the demand for product visibility and space needs to be accommodated. Wooden POP displays offer functionality and a cost-effective way to present products while creating more space.

Boost Profits

Wooden liquor displays conjure richness and warmth, creating a cozy “wine cellar feel” that can only be evoked by wood. This helps the customer become inspired and entice their taste buds as they shop.

Add Versatility

It’s no secret that the key to maintaining consumer interest is by providing fresh, custom displays. With the ever-changing consumer demands, investing in a timeless design that’s proven success time and time again is so much more valuable than spending money on a trendy display that will go out of style in no time.

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