7 Types of Wooden Displays for Point of Purchase

B3 Custom Bench Group Point of Purchase Display

Point of purchase (POP) displays are a valuable marketing tool for any brick-and-mortar store. These beautifully aesthetic, eye-catching designs can help your products stand out from the competition when strategically placed throughout the sales floor.

Why Choose Wooden Point of Purchase Displays?

When it comes to custom POP displays, no two designs are exactly the same. Different wooden display designs can serve varying purposes, from a branded wooden barrel housing alcoholic beverages to wooden racks placed near the checkout to encourage last-minute impulse purchases. At the Maine Bucket Company, we can create a custom point of purchase displays in pine or cedar to accommodate any business, including food and beverage, wine and spirits, lawn and garden, department stores, and more. We also offer customization, such as hot branding and stenciling brand logos or color matching, as a way to prominently display unique products.

Types of Wooden POP Displays

The Maine Bucket Company offers several variations of wooden POP displays:

1. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are a cost-effective way to display products and merchandise because they are extremely versatile and can accommodate any size space. They work well for stacking, product shelving, wall displays, or filled with promotional items near check-out. Wooden crates are also easy to rearrange, giving them true multi-purpose functionality.

2. Wooden Barrels

Made with rot-resistant North White cedar, our custom barrels are built to last. Wooden barrels can be built with any desirable specifications, so you can create attractive, unique displays for whatever your products may be. Logos can be added by branding, screening, or stenciling to customize your display; choose from 17 stain finishes or add metal bands for a more dramatic look.

3. Wooden Arbors

Wooden arbors can be built to any specification, making them truly customized for your sales floor and key to product turn increase. All-wood construction means our unique arbors are well-built and durable.

4. Wooden Block Platforms

Custom wooden block platforms come in three different sizes but can be built with customized specifications to whatever size you may need for your sales floor. The versatility of these platforms is unparalleled; wooden blocks serve as a minimalistic yet modern product display.

5. Wooden Wheelbarrows

Wheelbarrows may be one of the most unique wooden displays we offer and are a guaranteed eye-catcher for your products. Manufactured entirely from high-quality wood and available in 17 different stains, they offer nearly endless product display possibilities. Their simple yet unexpected design makes our wooden wheelbarrows sure to stay in your customers’ minds!

6. Step Displays

Constructed of the highest quality pine, our interior step displays offer an interlocking shelf design with barely-visible hardware, giving a minimalistic look. Not only that, but the back legs fold under for each movability, making this display a no-brainer when it comes to showing off your products. It’s perfect for pottery, plants, or other delicate items!

7. Shelving Racks

Shelving racks may seem the most basic of all the displays, but don’t underestimate the power of simplicity when promoting your products. Each wooden rack can be built to your unique specifications to fit your space perfectly. With their all-wood construction and variety of stains available, our shelving racks can be as custom as you want them to be!

Contact the Experts at the Maine Bucket Company

The Maine Bucket Company has been manufacturing wooden POP displays since 1982, capturing your customers and encouraging sales. Creative wooden displays, especially those that are beautifully customized, can increase interest in your product and help boost sales.

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