6 Creative Retail Display Ideas

retail display ideas

Visual merchandising is and has always been an essential ingredient in successful brick-and-mortar retail sales. Of all our five senses, about 83% of how we process information is through sight, making it one of the most important factors to consider when assembling a retail display. Below, we’ve put together 6 retail display ideas that will delight your customers and create a truly unique experience that appeals to them on a personal level.

1. Bring in Natural Elements

Using organic materials that replicate nature, such as stone, wood or plant life, can create a soothing experience for shoppers that encourages them to linger. We are naturally drawn to these materials, which can evoke relaxation.

2. Keep Smaller Sale Items in Baskets or Bowls

The feeling of looking through items in a basket or bowl is so satisfying – customers love to have the opportunity to do this when they’re waiting in line to checkout or when making their purchase. In fact, this brings us to our next display tip!

3. Don’t Forget to Utilize Space Near the Register

When you display items on the counter at registers or near check-out, it’s hard for customers to resist whatever goodies may be available for a last-minute impulse buy! Use this space for smaller items, inexpensive grab n’ go type of products or even paper goods. Whatever you sell, you’re sure to sell more of it if you display it in this sweet spot.

4. Use Benches and Crates for Custom Shelving

Shopping in a retail store that utilizes wooden crates or wooden benches to display items is often preferable to sorting through a rack, especially when they are used as shelving. This layout gives customers a birds-eye view of all the product options available in an easily customizable way.

5. Create Varying Levels of Interest by Stacking

Keep customers’ eyes moving upward by creating a custom stack, using wooden crates or wooden tables to add layers to a display. Arrange small crates or benches around your primary display table; stack benches atop the table to add dimension. The possibilities are endless!

6. Encourage Customer-Product Interaction

One of the primary reasons customers like to shop in brick-and-mortar stores (compared to online shopping) is that it gives them the experience of physical touch. Touch is a way for customers to connect with a product or brand. Being able to experience items in person ignites both visual and physical senses. Create a retail display that is easy for customers to engage with and you’re sure to see your sales increase!

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