6 Advantages of Investing in Custom Branded Wooden Crates

branded wooden crates

Whether you are styling your products in a retail store or transporting them to a 3rd party vendor or customer, branded wooden crates are a no-brainer. Custom branded packaging is an excellent way to set your products apart from the competition and communicate what your brand is about. There are nearly endless advantages to investing in custom branded wooden crates and retail displays – the experts from The Maine Bucket Company break it down below:

1. Durability & Strength

The durability and lasting strength of quality wood is unmatched in a retail space. Not only will your displays last significantly longer than comparable display materials like plastic or metal, but they are water-resistant and sturdy. Handcrafted wooden products are notoriously easy to upkeep!

2. Accentuate Your Retail Space

Keeping a retail space looking fresh means keeping it clutter-free and well-designed. If you’re considering retail display ideas, custom wooden crates are a beautiful, unique way to display merchandise in any size space. Whether you’re promoting sale items or engaging customers with impulse purchases at check-out, wooden crates can highlight your products and make them more appealing.

3. Brand Impact

Custom wooden displays play a major role in product identification and impact. Not only do wood displays make a brand’s products look more attractive, but it makes them stand out, setting it apart from the competition to increase brand awareness. The perception of a brand will improve because of the high-quality look of the wooden packaging used. Particularly when it comes to wood display racks for retails, customization can play up product identification in a memorable way.

4. Versatility

Wooden crates are extremely versatile – you can stack and rearrange them to add texture to any space or display, which can dramatically change a retail store’s layout. Custom wooden crates can be used for shelving, wall displays, sale bins – the possibilities are limitless.

5. Environmentally Conscious

More and more often we see consumers and companies alike making efforts towards sustainability. Wood creates, even when customized, are an eco-friendly option rather than resorting to plastic or cheaper metals. Wood is so versatile and durable that it will last much longer than alternative materials, making for a wise and sustainable investment.

6. Cost-Effective

Wooden crates are extremely durable, well-crafted, and will last for years to come. When compared to other common retail packagings, such as cheap plastic or metal, there is a clear winner. Wood evokes a feeling of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia – something that cheaper materials simply can’t do. Though the upfront costs of wooden displays can be seemingly more expensive than their counterparts, the quality and custom branding of this type of display is well worth any initial investment.

Branded Wooden Crates From The Maine Bucket Company

Custom wooden crates and displays are a form of high-quality promotional material that will serve you well for years to come. They are beautiful and unique, easy to style and implement in retail spaces, and truly make your products stand out. Your brand is sure to leave a lasting impression with a custom wooden display!

For nearly 40 years, The Maine Bucket Company has been a trusted wholesale manufacturer of quality wooden products to serve all your retail needs. To learn more about our products or reach out with questions, please contact us online today!