About Us

In 1982, The Maine Bucket Company began as a small craft business; thirty years later we are still a wholesale manufacturer creating quality wooden products to meet all of your retail needs as our product line continues to grow. We now offer a variety of wooden bucket products, barrels, barrel displays, wooden planters, storage containers, and other store fixtures.

Maine Bucket CompanyAll of our products are constructed from high-quality pine or cedar for long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal. With a 25,000 square foot facility built in 1998, plus 45,000 square feet of storage space, we service many industries such as lawn & garden, wine & spirits, home decor, and even pet accessories.

Commitment to Quality

When the company first began, clients were content to have stock products, but as we have grown, so have our client’s needs. The retail business has had quite an evolution in the last 30 years and so has our commitment to you.

We endeavor each day to continue providing you quality stock displays as well as creative custom options. You inspire us as you bring custom display plans to us and allow us to build your display dreams into a retail reality. We are grateful for all of the support we receive as well as the growth opportunities that come our way. Thank you for your inspiration as well as your business and we hope to work with you soon!

If you have questions and would like to speak with us directly, call us at 800-231-7072 or contact us here. Our business hours are 8-4:30pm (EST). Our phone lines are always answered in person.

About Bench Systems

Bench Systems has been serving the independent garden center marketplace for 14 years, 34 years as The Maine Bucket Company.

Bench Systems was the first American company to offer wooden benching nationally within the U.S. marketplace. Garden centers were requesting a local supplier for products they were seeing in overseas and had to import or produce themselves. Our cedar displays, designed for indoor and outdoor use, are styled after the European versions that have been in use for many years.

In the first four years of business, we had the privilege of placing our benching in over five hundred independent garden centers. A large number of nursery growers such as Proven Winners, Novalis, Pride’s Corner Farm, and Riverbend have worked with us to improve their displays and POP with the independent garden centers as well. We started with simple outdoor benching for plants, but have grown and expanded into a variety of products for display use.

Why Wooden Products?

Capture their attention with the look and feel of wood!

Quite simply, wooden displays help your product look its best. The light color and texture of cedar bring out the beauty in the products you sell. Customers also like the “comfort” of wooden displays. People respond to the look, smell, and touch of wood. Wood helps create a relaxed environment that helps to make your customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable.

There is something indescribable about wood that conjures up nostalgia, familiarity, and a feeling of comfort.

Wooden point of purchase displays offers charm and warmth. The look and feel of wood in its simplicity is an excellent way to enhance your store, the buyer’s experience, and sales. Wood is inviting, it draws the customer in rather than cold metal point of purchase displays that convey a desperate attempt to throw products at consumers.

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than watching customers become increasingly agitated and restless as they wait in line. Placing a few well thought out point of purchase displays at the check out counter will amuse customers and invigorate their impulse to buy as they add a few of the items in their basket for purchase.

Differentiate your store from the mass merchant’s metal racks and plastic displays with unique wooden barrels, wooden bucket and bench products, and other wooden displays from Maine Bucket.