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Retail Displays

Choosing the right display for your retail spaces is an important marketing component for any business. As you are designing your retail space you will want to present product showcases that complement your brand story. Often displays that trigger keywords such as organic, natural, or rustic are popular within retail design.

Code #311 - Medium 23" Four Bin Display & Code #317 - Large 30" Four Bin Display

Why Wood?
Unlike the coldness of metal, wood evokes feelings of comfort, richness and warmth, which connect a business with its shopper emotionally.  When your business is able to build this connection with your shopper you are better able to sell an emotional experience and emotion sells. In terms of practicality, there are several reasons why you should choose wooden point of purchase displays from Maine Bucket.

Wooden displays are versatile, affordable, and attractive no matter what your retail aesthetic.  Even though our display options are lighter than other wood displays they still provide a sturdy display structure that has potential of longevity depending on exposure to elements as well as treament of the display.  When the displays have fulfilled their purpose they are biodegradable except for any screws or other metal components that may be attached.

Wood dampens sound so if a business is located in a busy, noisy, space it is helpful to select wood displays to absorb some of the excess noise and help create a more calming shopping experience.

Wooden Giftware Display Tables in 3 sizes - Small, Medium & Large Code #GL230 Large Pine Giftware Table

Code #GM229 Medium Pine Giftware Table

Code #GS228 Small Pine Giftware Table

Wood point of purchase displays are impervious to rust and corrosion guaranteeing your client's retail display will last through years of use. Wood displays offers a complete level of functionality with a style to compliment any space.

Why Maine Bucket?
We understand retail displays and the cost effective functionality they must provide. A good retail display presents items in a manner providing shoppers with room to browse!

Cluttered showcases and cramped spaces deter shoppers. Once a potential consumer feels trapped, the pleasant browsing environment decreases, which forces an uncomfortable consumer to navigate toward the nearest exit. 

We expertly design our products to provide functionality and flow within any space. By providing simple, elegant, and practical designs Maine Bucket displays increase an inviting shopping experience for consumers as well as maximize the showcase potential of any store.