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Large Window Box Pallets

When our wholesale clients utilize our organized window box pallets, they will be certain to notice a spike in sales. Not only do these displays allow the customer to see the actual product, but it makes it easy to find the window box of their choosing.

Maine Bucket Custom Window Boxes

Maine Bucket pallets include a variety of our large window boxes, for both sale and display. Using the frame to display the window boxes is easy and will allow your customers to visualize the product's potential, while laying out the items for sale in an easy to locate manner.

Our large window box pallets also include a custom made sign featuring your company logo, so your display will be both functional and look sharp. Choose from our Large Value Pallet or our Large Premium Pallet. See details below.

If you have any questions concerning purchasing a large window box pallet from Maine Bucket, or any of the other items in our catalog, feel free to contact us any time. You can contact us online or by phone. Maine residents can reach us at 207-784-6700, or call toll free by dialing 1-800-231-7072.