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Floor Displays

Showcase Your Merchandise With Our Wooden Floor Displays


Nothing captivates a consumer like a peek through a store window into a warm and inviting retail environment with unique display units like our high quality wood floor displays and giftware tables. Maine Bucket Company offers a wide array of attractive retail floor displays that are sure to enhance your sales floor and improve customer experience.

Increase Browser Interest as well as Sales

Once you attract the consumer you must maintain their interest. The warm appearance of our wooden floor displays provoke interest and enhance the browsing experience. There is something indescribable about wood that conjures up nostalgia, familiarity, and a feeling of comfort.

Our wooden floor display units provide a strong visual impact allowing consumers to be more interactive with products. Floor displays invite the browser to pick up your merchandise, feel the texture, breathe in the aroma and visualize the perfect permanent place in their home. Connect customers to products with a wood floor display and watch merchandise fly off the shelves.

Guide Your Consumers to Purchase

Our floor displays give the freedom and space to break up merchandise rather than cluttering walls with overcrowded shelves. Creating a flow, a path that moves customers around the store, capturing interest at each product area. Guide consumers throughout the store using a floor display layout rather than directing them to a wall, a few shelves and then out the door!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information on any of our display products.

We offer a variety of wood floor displays to attract onlookers, intrigue the browsers, and encourage consumer loyalty.

Crate and Table Floor Display

Stand Out Among Competition

Considering your giftware retail store clients, it is important to tend every detail including the giftware display selection. We understand the demands of a new or growing business and the pressures of ever changing products.

It is significant to differentiate giftware retail from the rest, making your clients' establishments a shopping preference. For this reason, Maine Bucket designs and manufactures giftware displays to offer complete functionality and a custom appearance that distinguishes us from the competition.

Code #UST - Pottery Display Table

Evolve With Your Consumer

Floor Display Showcase

Certainly some popular giftware products will stand the test of time, as there are seasonal items changing with the rise and fall of the thermometer. Finally, the trendy giftware items to meet an array of consumer tastes. This presents the continual need to rotate merchandise and renew giftware displays.

Spending money on gimmicky promotional giftware display units to serve a temporary purpose is certain to minimize profits. By selecting versatile giftware display units your clients will have a cost-effective way to maintain fresh, exciting giftware displays with new, seasonal, and traditional giftware items.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like additional information on any of our display products.

Giftware Tables:

Our giftware tables are designed to merchandise higher end gift and garden items in indoor retail space. Available in three sizes:

  • Code: GL230 Large 24" W x 60" L x 36" H
  • Code: GM229 Medium 18" W x 48" L x 30" H
  • Code: GS228 Small 14" W x 36" Lx 24" H

Giftware Tables

Available as a set or individually.