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Decorative Pine Buckets


Whole Decorative Pine Buckets

Our whole buckets add the perfect amount of charm to your retail décor. The available stain colors allow your purchase to match any retail aesthetic or provide a bevy of options from which your shoppers may choose. They are wonderful for gift basket creation as well as unique hanging product displays.

If you are seeking a new way to showcase your products, have a new seasonal promotion coming, or even just want something different to offer your consumers the 10" bucket is a popular choice.  Being a smaller display option the bucket can be great for a counter top display or as an impulse purchase spot near the register.

Choose The Maine Bucket Company

We take pride in offering retailers quality handcrafted Maine products and we would be pleased if you would think of us the next time you are seeking a unique display or resale item.  Contact us if you have questions or would like a copy of our latest e-catalog.