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Rectangular Cedar Planters

Rectangular Cedar Planters 


At The Maine Bucket Company we build two rectangular wooden planters.  The only difference between the two is the legs as one has tall legs and the other does not have any.  These wooden containers make a great display option if you are in need of a bulk bin or even an impulse purchase display by checkout.

Of course these planters are fully functional for any gardening purpose.  The shorter product is perfect for adding a floral or seasonal touch to a retail walkway.  Lead consumer curiosity right through your door.  Showcasing these planters in use also enables the shopper to imagine the product within their home environment, which makes it easier to sell.


Be creative and these cedar containers can be a versatile display resource for your retail space.  Leave them natural or have them stained in one of our stock stain colors for a more dramatic effect.

If you have any questions or need mroe information regarding any of our products please feel free to contact us.


*Please be aware we no longer offer lattice for any of our planters