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Custom Wooden Racks

Please note - The images shown on this page relate to custom products.  If you are interested in learning more about any of the racks pictured here, please be advised there is a MOQ relative to the customization level required.  


Call 1-800-231-7072 for more information or use our contact form to begin a discussion detailing your needs.  

Captivate your Consumer

Attractive displays speak to the consumer and provide your retail space with effective marketing presentations.  With only a few minutes to captivate your shopper it is important your showcases stand out in a unique manner.

Unique Retail Presentations

At The Maine Bucket Company, we expertly hand craft wood display racks to enhance your retail space.  In a world of cluttered plastic, metal, and cardboard displays our wood displays express strong design only wood can provide.  Our simple designs allow your merchandise to shine without the distraction of over designed display racks.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you need an aesthetically pleasing visual effect, please be aware our products are available in a wide variety of stains to suit any color theme.


When choosing a new display we understand the significance of having a wide variety of options;  therefore, all of our wood racks are adaptable and mobile.  As your product display needs change, you need to be able to adjust your retail space as necessary.  Consider one of our racks to create a cost-effective new store layout or product presentation.


 Custom Wooden Rack Images:

Custom Wooden RackCR07 Custom Wooden Rack CR08 Custom Wooden Tub Rack CR09 Custom Wooden Bin Shelving Rack CR10

Custom Wooden Bread Rack in Dark Brown CR11 Custom Wooden Mobile Shelving Rack CR12 Custom Wooden Basket Rack CR13 Custom Wooden Rack CR14

Custom Wooden Wine Rack in Dark Brown CR15 Custom Wooden Rack in Gray with Header Signage CR16 Custom Wooden Geometric Rack in Black CR17Custom Old Dominion Wooden Rack CR18 

Custom Wooden Ladder Shelf Display Rack CR19Custom Wooden Barrel Shelving Display CR20 Custom Wooden Box Shelf Display Rack CR21

 Custom Wooden Deep River Display Rack CR22 Custom Wooden Barrel Shelving Display Rack CR23 Custom Wooden Bottle Rack Display CR24CR25