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Counter Top Displays

Please note - The images shown on this page relate to custom products.  If you are interested in learning more about any of the countertop displays pictured here, please be advised there is an MOQ relative to the required level of customization.  

Call 1-800-231-7072 for more information or use our contact form to begin a discussion detailing your needs.  

Grab their attention with our unique countertop displays!

Since 1982 we manufacture distinctive pine and cedar wholesale display products. Our core customers are wholesale marketing companies helping major brands implement profitable promotional display and merchandising programs. We are pleased to include wholesale countertop displays to our catalog as a unique way to show your clients how to capture their customer’s whim at the check out counter. At Maine Bucket we understand the demands of a new or growing business include the need for eye-catching and cost effective countertop displays. Whether you clients are opening a new location or revitalizing an existing store we will readily provide quality wholesale countertop displays that promise to both increase their sales and distinguish them from the competition.

An eye catching difference!

With their colorful and playful design you will find that using our countertop displays as a point of purchase will catch a shopper’s eye every time. Point of purchase displays sell products more quickly than any other routine display method because they capture the customer’s eye and impulse with a few more items while they wait in line or before they walk out of your store. There is nothing more nerve wracking than watching customers become increasingly agitated and restless as they wait in line, especially if you want them to come back! Placing a few well thought out countertop displays at the check out counter will amuses your customers and invigorate their impulse to buy as they add a few of the items in their basket for purchase.. Colorful countertop displays invite your client’s customers to pick up items for a feel of their texture and appeal, a guaranteed way to increase profits.

Color is exciting; it draws the customer in rather than boring metal countertop display racks. Our countertop displays offer charm and warmth. The look and feel of color and wood, in its simplicity, is an excellent way to enhance your store, the buyer’s experience, and sales.

We offer wholesale point of purchase displays in pine or cedar. We are more than willing to discuss customizing our point of purchase displays with your clients store logo. And if you’re looking to add some color, be sure to examine the many colors we offer for our wholesale point of purchase displays.




Please note - The images shown on this page relate to custom products.  If you are interested in learning more about any of the counter top displays pictured here, please be advised there may be a minimum order relative to the amount of customization required.  Call 207-784-6700 for more information or use our contact form to begin a discussion detailing your needs.



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